Meet the Analysts

Mike Mertens, GIS Manager (Portland). Mike came to Ecotrust from Interrain Pacific. A veteran with many years of GIS experience, he has been a regular GIS instructor for recipients of CTSP grants. His work on Inforain includes the Portland Potential Natural Areas Map and the programming of the interactive Salmon Stock Status GIS.

Charles Steinback, GIS Analyst (Portland). Charles graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a degree in Fisheries Conservation. He grew up in Astoria and moved back to Oregon after college in hopes to contribute to small coastal communities through conservation oriented efforts. His work at Ecotrust has included developing the content for the Salmon Education Centers on the Lower Columbia page and compiling GIS data for the Ground Fish Fleet Reduction and Bioregional Fisheries Strategy projects.

Analisa Noel Gunnell, Chief Cartographer/GIS Analyst (Portland). Analisa’s work to date has focused on watershed conservation efforts within the Northwest bioregion. As an example, she has worked with the Pacific Coast Watershed Partnership by aiding in the creation of a dynamic watershed priorities tool as well as composing over 1,000 maps which highlight and assist the Partnership’s restoration efforts. Her work on Inforain includes data creation and mapping for the Corvallis Natural Features Inventory, as well as a featured map of Certified Mills and Lands in Western Washington and Oregon.