– About Our Company

Inforain has, since 1996, been the flagship website for Ecotrust’s “bioregional information system,” a unique effort to discern and describe patterns of change in North America’s coastal temperate rain forest.

Launched originally by a subsidiary, Interrain Pacific, and now operated by Ecotrust itself, Inforain is designed to help organizations, businesses, and individuals acquire and use information relevant to their communities and to understand these local places within a broader context.

The scale and scope of our work might be summed up with the phrase: Locally, the watershed; broadly, the bioregion. To evaluate the state of the forests or the salmon, logging or fishing, one must begin with the watershed. The bioregion collects these watersheds into a continuous whole, one which political lines have obscured but cannot refute.

An abundant amount of geographic information is available through this site, with more being added on a regular basis. We offer GIS data layers for download and interactive mapping applications which enable you to spatially query complex data sets which you might not otherwise be able to access. More about GIS.

Ecotrust employs five GIS analysts, and this website collects some of their work for display to a wider audience. Online graphics are, however, limited in resolution and can never achieve the quality of printed maps. Our sophisticated mapping services are available on a contractual basis. Visit our Mapdesk.